Developing Best ICT Solutions
For Your Conference

We design unique, customizable conference systems coined to the needs of our clients to assure the best conference experience.

Registration systems, online agenda / digest, e-poster and poster systems are our specialization. Enthusiastic and passionate about our products, we tend to provide the best services with the newest and safest ICT technology under the shortest development time at the best price.

Why iConf?

Meeting deadlines

We plan and design on realistic timescale and guarantee to meet the set deadline.

Latest technologies

iConf constantly works on developing and utilizing the most advanced technologies to make the products agile and up-to-date.

Always in touch

We offer continuous communication and fast customer service. All requests are served within 24 hours.

Design. Test. Launch.

Our team will lead the development of Your order until its launch and assist with embedding it to your conference to ensure smooth work.

Our Clients

Our experts


UX/UI designer. Anna is in charge of planning, wire framing and prototyping the future product. She ensures that every order is not only well-developer but also easy to use and has a presentable appearance.

Lobko Anna

Back-end developer and an ICT wizard. Tamas makes sure that the exterior design of the project meets the best software and technology standards.

Nógrádi Tamás

We design ICT services to provide IT support for conferences and other big-scale events.

Our mission

To deliver high-quality, customizable conference systems: registration systems, online agenda/digest, e-poster and poster systems, fully coined to the needs of the client.

We offer​

✓ Reliability

✓ Customizability

✓ Agility

✓ Advanced technology

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